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FOX News
Dec 5, 2013 12:00am PST
your conversation and all of that stuff. i guess he is just dad then. >> thanks for repeating everything she said. >> there is a demonic deal with the insurance company. >> that's true too. here is my theory. if obama could run for a third term, who would they vote for? obama. they would. they complain, but then at the end of the day which i hate to say, i'm sorry, they will do the cool thing and the cool thing is to vote for the cool guy unless the republicans come up with their own obama and that is not going to happen. >> what does harvard know? all they do is studies. i have never been there. >> 33% of the millenials consider themselves democrat and 41% consider themselves independent. that i think is a good trend for the country if the best -- if something does president come out of this -- doesn't come out of this it would be an end to the two-party system. it has to worry both parties that the millenials don't like either party. >> let me remind you this is not "special report." we don't traffic in statistics. >> get back to the 7% that don't know anything. >> i want to
FOX News
Dec 4, 2013 12:00am PST
obama's college transcripts. >> there you go. >> or his -- birth certificate. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. was this more about complimenting obama's awesome physique or taking a cheap shot at pour chris christie? at poor, chris christie? >> if i can suck up to imogen and i agree with piers. obama is a good looking guy. he sex liesed politics -- sexualized politics. he is not the first straight male broadcaster. chris matthews had the thrill of his leg. we sex -- sexualized politics. it all stems from that. whether it is barack obama or sarah palin. >> if either of them were less than attractive than they were, perhaps we would be viewing them differently. >> people get these ideas in their heads about how they need to protect them. it is a qua sigh romantic thing. you see it on internet story boards under stories about obama and sarah palin. marco rubio enjoyed being the presidential front runner because he was good looking. >> he is a charmer. he won't return my calls or my letters or my gifts or my packages. which report gift -- which aren't gifts. they are packages. i think y
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2